Art consulting

Professional contemporary art consulting service, providing clients guidance in all stages of the purchase process, assisting to focus and gain exposure to young, emerging artists and established renowned artists.

Curating an Art space is an expertise that requires understanding and experience.

The Art Consulting process includes 4 steps

1.   Mapping customer needs: personal taste, budget, design style, display in the space, and the purpose of the work.

2.   Understanding market trends: digital display of optional works to match the customer brief and fine tuning to personal interpretation

3.   Choice and purchase: gallery visits and studio meetings with the artist for personal conversation and understanding of the background of the work.

4.   Proper placement of the work in the space and assistance in framing, transportation or shipping, and hanging.

Why the need for an Art Consultant?

The service we offer saves time and effort involved in searching for quality works.

Familiarity and exposure to market trends and a wide range of artists and techniques (including important information of the artist’s resume, where S/he studied, where S/he has exhibited in the past, etc.).

The service offers professional advice for collectors and beginners who are interested in purchasing quality works for investment purposes.

Who can benefit from working with an Art Consultant?

Private art lovers who are interested in investing in and enjoying artwork: paintings, drawings, photographs, video art, and sculptures for their home and outdoors.

Offices and businesses interested in upgrading their brand image and creating a unique work environment.

Interior designers and architects who are interested in working in collaboration and offering clients professional advice in choosing quality artwork.

Collectors interested in professional guidance.

Those starting out in the purchase of art as an investment.

For consulting and Art Counseling , you are welcome to contact me: 0544680222

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